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From next week in Novosibirsk sale of tickets for festival " will begin; Monsters of fate

In Novosibirsk since April, 1st sale of tickets for grandiose fate - festival " begins; Monsters of fate which will take place on June, 20th this year. As organizers,   have explained; a Novosibirsk hippodrome which has been chosen   by a place for festival carrying out, it will be divided into sites:   2 vip - zones, capacity of 600 persons, vip - a dancing calculated on 2000 persons, and also other zones for spectators.
the prices were distributed as follows. Cost   the ticket in   vip - a zone - 6000 - 8000 roubles,   a place on vip - a dancing,   which is before a scene, will manage in   2000 roubles, and an entrance fee on festival - 1000 roubles.   for convenience of spectators   4 big screens will be established:   two near to a scene   and more two   in the middle of a platform. In total organizers of a concert are ready to accept nearby 30 000 persons.

- by the way, cost of tickets will not raise, - Victor Zaharenko,   has declared; the general director of the producer centre the Siberian tours organizers of festival.

we will remind that groups Rasmus will take part in festival, Kingdom Come, Alice Cooper and Scorpions.

the Inquiry

Where it is possible to get tickets on Monsters of fate ?

- Theatrical cash desks in transitions of metro stations the Red prospectus and Student`s .
- Central Department Store - Novosibirsk ( City entertainment cash desks ), pr - t Dimitrova, 5, 1 - j et.
- TTS megas ( City entertainment cash desks ) Street Ippodromsky, 46.
- the Producer centre the Siberian tours street Frunze, 5, of. 709.

Delivery and booking of tickets in Novosibirsk: (383 331 - 331 - 5, 26 - 33 - 222.