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10 years ago the NATO has started to bomb Yugoslavia

At midday in Serbia air-raid warning sirens will raise a howl, and inhabitants of this country will remember events of ten years` prescription when the NATO Air Forces have started to bomb the Yugoslavian cities and settlements.

on March, 24th, 1999 in 19. 45 military operation under the name " has local time begun; the Merciful angel . Without having received the mandate of the United Nations and having broken international law, the NATO states have started destruction of objects of the Serbian Air Forces and air defence, and also military - the industrial enterprises.

For 78 days of bombardments 2000 civilians were lost, have been wounded 6000, and 2,5 million have lost means of subsistence. Objects for bobmezhek steels not only government agencies and power substations, but also and hospitals and houses of civilians.

the Occasion to aggression of a steel of event of 1998, events in Kosovo. Belgrad have accused of the organisation of murders and ethnic cleanings in edge territory. (It was found out later that the pretext for war was decided and no destruction of the population in village Rachak existed). And refusal of Serbia of signing " became a formal pretext to start operation; the peace plan and refusal of placing of a military contingent in Kosovo.

After the president of Yugoslavia Slobadan Milosevic has agreed on a withdrawal of troops from Kosovo, operation was   it is stopped. To the houses have returned 900 thousand Albanians, but the history has not ended. 200 thousand Serbs have left Kosovo, being afraid to sweep Albanians, passes Bi - bi - si.

On Monday on the eve of this sad anniversary UNSF session where have discussed the situation which has developed to Kosovo for today has taken place. The president of Serbia Boris Tadich has made the statement in which has called for carrying out of new negotiations about the territory status. We will remind that on February, 17th last year Kosovo has intoned independence unilaterally. At present it recognised 55 member states of the United Nations.

Serbia never should not admit any more that its citizens punished and killed, and the international community should understand that for the erroneous policy with the lives should not pay off innocent - Tadich has told.