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Near Tula drinking mother who does not feed the children only have taken out the prevention

Office of Public Prosecutor of the Tula area has inspected, how   the legislation on preventive maintenance of neglect and offences of minors and the legislation on administrative offences in the commission on affairs of minors and protection of their rights   is executed; Plavsky area also has found a number of infringements.

Check has shown,   that the commission does not trace and   does not supervise   work of regional bodies   preventive maintenance of offences by minors, is not engaged in revealing of the reasons which contribute in occurrence and prosperity   to neglect and increase in quantity of crimes   made by minors also does not accept any measures to their elimination.

For example,   when teenagers drank alcohol   in public places or appeared there in a drunken state, the commission not   Found out, with whom these minors   drank   alcohol and   where it got. Thus some of them   do not study and do not work, but also on it   the commission does not pay attention. And nobody punishes infringers.

One more egregious example to which the commission also has not given proper attention.   22 - summer mother of three children by which it was not executed and   4 years, constantly drink,   throws   kids for long time. At children   is not present   outer clothing. They constantly dirty and hungry. And the commission having learnt all circumstances   and having considered case only   declared a grief - mummy   the prevention.  

In   communications with it the assistant to the prosecutor of the region has brought representation in the commission on affairs of minors and protection of their rights of Plavsky area in which has demanded to take measures to elimination found   Transgressions and to involve in a disciplinary responsibility of the persons who have admitted transgression.