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In Chelyabinsk two small children parents have closed in apartment and have left

Today at o`clock in the morning in a regional life-saving service militiamen have called. They have told that   in one of houses along the street Steelmakers - state of emergency. Neighbours are disturbed by that since the evening children in the next apartment ask the help. The little girl and its brother sit on a window sill, knock on a window and cry.

Police officers have arrived into place, but could make nothing, the door has been locked. Then they were converted behind the help to rescuers. In those three minutes were about an ill-starred door.
by means of climbing equipment, and also   the special equipment, rescuers   have risen on height of the second floor and have opened a window.

As informs a press - service Poiskovo - a life-saving service of the Chelyabinsk area when they have appeared in apartment, the six-month-old boy already slept in the bed, and the five years` girl, by then already tired to cry, at all was not frightened of the unfamiliar.

From conversation with it it was found out that the father of family was on work in a night shift, and mother having explained to nothing where - that has left.
children were locked up seven hours! Released prisoners have passed police officers. By the way, by then, mummy and has not appeared at home!