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Putin: Someone wants to use crisis in economy to select at its Ukraine GTS?

Vladimir Putin is revolted by the joint declaration of Ukraine signed in Bruxelles and Europe (about development of gas-transport system of Ukraine) as this declaration has completely excluded the supplier of gas (Russia) from discussion of this question.

the Russian prime minister suggests to return to idea of creation of the International consortium with participation of the Russian, European and Ukrainian companies.

Putin has reminded that several years ago Russia, Ukraine and Germany have signed the tripartite Declaration.

We offered, and then the Ukrainian partners basically have agreed to create the International consortium from the Russian companies, European and Ukrainian which could take this GTS in rent. It was the quite good offer, and I consider, to it it would be possible to return - Vladimir Putin on a press - conferences has declared.

Ukraine thus would save all property rights on GTS, it is a question only of rent of the Ukrainian pipes for transit of the Russian gas to Europe, Putin has underlined.

it seems To me that the document about which we now speak, is at least unreasoned and nonprofessional - Putin has told, passes Interfax .

the Russian prime minister has declared that this decision can affect relations of our countries.

If interests of Russia are ignored, we also will be urged to start to reconsider principles of our relations. Very much it would be desirable, that before business is not has reached - quotes Vladimir Putin of RIA News .

the Prime minister has reminded of with what work in January, 2009 it was possible to settle gas dispute of Russia and Ukraine when to the parties after long disputes at last - that was possible to agree about the price for gas and tariffs for its transit through territory of Ukraine.

Some points of the declaration signed in Bruxelles suppose change reached by Russia and Ukraine of arrangements on gas so, this question becomes again astable.  

Putin has underlined that, as appears from the declaration signed in Bruxelles, the volume of prorolling of gas can be the keystone to success of investments of EU in Ukrainian GTS only, and solve problems of increase in deliveries of the Russian gas without participation of the supplier (Russia) simply lightly and it is absolutely senseless.

It is natural, because it is a way of repayment of the credit, money for transit. But who has consulted to us, a leah we in the future can transport such volumes, we will do it or not? If it is small technical failure in difficult enough triangle of mutual relations - Russia, Ukraine, the European Union, it of anything. And if this beginning of attempts of system ignoring of interests of the Russian Federation it is very bad - the prime minister of the Russian Federation is assured.

very much it would be desirable, that have been heard. We are ready to joint constructive work with all our partners - Putin has told, having noticed that Russia practically with all leading European companies had business partner relations in power sphere.

And if this beginning of attempts of system ignoring of interests of the Russian Federation it is, of course, very bad. Because we last years had very good business, partner relations practically with all leading European companies in power sphere. It concerns coal, it concerns atomic engineering, it concerns electric power industry where the European companies have made the huge capital investments, measured with billions dollars, it concerns, certainly, oil recovery and gas, it concerns transport. We in Europe buy the gas-transport equipment on 26 billion dollars - has told   Putin.

the Prime minister has found in intentions of Europe and positive sides. As he said, that the European Union more and more attention gives to problems of transportation of gas through territory of Ukraine, in addition tries to put operator GTS under control of the international rules - the positive phenomenon.

that the Eurocommission more and more attention gives to problems of transportation of power resources, in particular gas through territory of Ukraine - in itself this phenomenon positive. The same as also attempt to put the operator of gas-transport system under control corrected also norms of international law. I consider that it that we quite could and should support - the prime minister of the Russian Federation has noted.

We know that throughout last years the attention to the question on a power diversification in Europe was always brought. For this reason Northern and Southern streams will be constructed. Besides, the European project " is discussed also; Nabukko - Putin has reminded.

Putin has reminded that the European Union has refused cooperation with Russia   in a question of granting of credits to Ukraine.

We have already given big enough credit resources to our partners in the CIS and we discuss this problem and possibility of granting of credits to Ukraine. We have offered our European partners, at meetings discussed to unite our efforts and Eurocommission, but to us have responded that at Eurocommission for Ukraine of money are not present. A leah means it, what someone wants to use the crisis phenomena in economy to select at its Ukraine GTS? If it so it is a bad way of the decision of problems - Putin has told.

At the same time there are questions which remain opened. In particular, in the declaration there is a mention that normal functioning GTS is pledge of political stability in Ukraine and in the EU countries - the prime minister of the Russian Federation has told, having added that at all importance of these questions All - taki is excessive to politize them, certainly, it is not necessary .

It, on - to mine, obvious search - Putin considers.

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