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To Stavropol Territory at a grief - mummies have arrested home appliances

the Inhabitant of the Soviet area of Stavropol Territory the district court has obliged to pay the alimony at a rate of 1/ 3 parts from all types of income on the maintenance of minor daughters of 14 and 16 years which were on guardianship at the grandmother as mother has been deprived the parental rights.

As have told in a press - service UFSSP on SK, the court order which has been given out under the given decision, has been shown in the Soviet regional department of court enforcement officers UFSSP of Russia across Stavropol Territory. As the judicial police officer-executor has found out, the parental duties, even on the basis of a judgement, mother did not carry out. Despite able-bodied age, it did not work, measures for official employment did not accept, into the centre of employment of the population was not converted. For two and a half a year a grief - mummy
gave to the children only small sums on pocket expenses. In this time the debts under the alimony have made about 125 thousand roubles.

the Judicial police officer-executor repeatedly undertook measures for compulsory collecting of the alimony, but property which could be arrested, at dolzhnitsy was not. And only after it has got to herself home appliances, the judicial police officer-executor regularly checking a property status at place of residence, two TVs, the musical centre and a microwave have been described. Now all arrested property will be passed for realisation on the commission beginnings, and money - is directed vzyskatelju.