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Omsk « Avant-guard » meets in 1/ 4 plej - off with « Ak the Leopard »

Today Omsk hawks in Kazan meet   with Ak the Leopard . It will be the first match 1/ 4 plej - off Gagarin`s cup.

Here that on the eve of a match known trainers speak about our command:

Michael Varnakov, the world champion of 1986: At present Ak the Leopard much organizovannee in every respect, than Avant-guard . Yes, at omichej a strong line of an attack, but also at Ak the Leopard there is a first superlink of Frosts - Mortensson - Zaripov and others excellent attacking. I do not think that with citizens of Kazan Avant-guard will wait those vratarskih gifts which has received from Salavat . All - taki Frederik Norrena - the goalkeeper with experience of game in NHL. In my opinion, all will end without sensations. Omsk should be happy that with such game in the regular championship left in 1/ 4 endings.

Victor Tikhonov , the legendary trainer : About Avant-guard it is ready to tell the best words. Assumed that the Omsk club will win at Salavat Yulaev one game, but did not believe that takes all series! Psychologically Avant-guard will feel it very easy. A leah will suffice them it for victory - I doubt.

Andrey Nazarov, the head coach the Tractor : Ak the Leopard - Avant-guard . Here, probably, the favourite nevertheless citizens of Kazan. Even in spite of the fact that omichi have presented the main sensation plej - off, having beaten out from struggle of the winner of the regular championship Ufa Salavat Yulaev Especially leopards have easily enough understood with Barysom in 3 - h matches. However, hawks As still name hockey players Avant-guard too easily enough, in my opinion, have beaten Salavat . And thanks to that have managed four games, already could be restored. At them after victory over operating champion emotional lifting. A leah
can Avant-guard to present one more sensation? And why is not present? For Ak the Leopard I think, the main thing now not to repeat the basic error Salavat - I mean underestimation of the rival which was in the regular championship 16 - m