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The government of Sweden plans introduction in life of the most ambitious European program

the Government of Sweden plans introduction in life of the most ambitious European program on reduction of emission of hotbed gases in atmosphere and to increase of efficiency of use of energy.

the Purpose of the new project - use of renewed energy sources for maintenance of 50 % of all power needs of the country by 2020, and also considerable reduction of emission of carbonic gas by 2050.

Sweden - the country with the developed industry for this reason we have developed the concrete plan according to which in the near future we become independent of traditional sources of fuel and we will lower emission of harmful substances to a minimum level - the minister of preservation of the environment of Sweden Andreas Karlgren in interview to newspaper The Local has declared.

the Government of this country also hopes that by 2030 all kinds of vehicles of Sweden will work only on biofuel. The purpose, of course, laudable, but trudnodostizhimaja.

the Project accepted by us, most ambitious of all plans on improvement of an ecological situation to which other European countries " follow; - it is told in the statement of the government of Sweden.

the Right-centrist governmental coalition intends to increase taxes to the cars which emissions harm to environment, and to lower taxes to the transport working on biofuel.

In 2010 - 2014 the government will double the annual budget allocated for realisation of measures on increase of efficiency of use of energy.

Now we give the basic attention to a climatic question - Karlgren has told, having added that Sweden can become the world leader in advancement of use of renewed energy sources in the industry, transport and a life .

In July Sweden becomes the leader of EU, and in December the government of this country is going to sign the agreement of lawsuit concerning climate change, informs an information portal norse. ru.