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the Locomotive has come forward in a semifinal series

After two games in Yaroslavl a semifinal series has moved to Magnitogorsk, where the Locomotive has proved to be from very good party. At once we will tell that in structure the Metallurgist there was a replacement of the goalkeeper - instead of unpersuasively played Proskurjakova the head coach uraltsev Valery Belousov has allowed to test to Andrey Mezinu.

In the first period Magnitogorsk as well as it is necessary to owners, has taken hold of the initiative and has gone forward that has poured out in the thrown washer. However, after video viewing a goal all - taki have cancelled - in the area of gate Kudrna has been noticed. Owners the verdict of the judge did not suit also the washer all of them have hammered. Jan Marek from a circle vbrasyvanija has precisely enough and strongly clicked in the nine . By the way, not undertaking this washer was not.

Jaroslavtsam was no place to recede, and Ilya Gorokhov`s efforts which a throw from a dark blue line has switched on red light behind collars Magnitogorsk visitors have restored parity. Forward the Locomotive left already at the very beginning of the second period after Andrey Mezina`s error. The goalkeeper the Metallurgist after a throw of Irgla has beaten off a washer directly before itself, and Alexey Yashin has used such possibility and has finished a rubber disk in gate. And towards the end of twenty minutes Mezin has behaved oddly again, nespravivshis bright Irgla in a near corner.

In the third period Mezin on ice has not appeared any more. Owners have requited one washer, but on bolshee Valery Belousova`s wards or have not sufficed, or the Locomotive did not give them such possibility. railwaymen for three and a half a minute till the end of a duel have dispelled a question on the winner of a match. Alexey Vasilev has established a definitive bill 4:2 in advantage Loko .

KHL. Plej - off - 2008/ 09

a semi-final

on March, 23rd

the Metallurgist (Magnitogorsk) - the Locomotive (Yaroslavl) - 2:4 (1:1, 2:0, 1:1)

1:0 - Marek - 12:37

1:1 - Gorokhov (Tkachenko, Semin) - 15:59

1:2 - Yashin (Irgl) - 20:38

1:3 - Irgl (Okerman, Vashichek) - 38:26 GB

2:3 - Rolinek (Tchistov, Kudrna) - 51:11 GB

2:4 - Vasilev (Kljukin) - 56:31 GB

Goalkeepers: Mezin (40:00 Proskurjakov) - Gelashvili