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In Petersburg close 6 hospitals

How much in Petersburg the medical centres protected from fire, found out MCHSniki. More precisely, searched   all - taki in what security measures are not observed. Total check have begun that is called fast - faktum   after   in Komi the house for aged has lighted up and tens people were lost.

It has turned out that there where should treat, it is possible and to become a cripple. Where - that at windows was established by not sliding lattices if suddenly something happens on street and you will not get out. And where - that covering on a floor does not correspond to requirements, it only at first sight to a trifle, and, podi, will light up, so where to disappear? But to close hospital not so - that is simple.

- We have revealed variety of infringements, - have informed in a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Petersburg . - But to demand at once to stop work of medical institutions not in our forces. We pass papers in court, and already there on areas the decision is passed.

On many hospitals which have got to the list, the judicial decision already is. However, while they continue to accept patients in a usual mode.

- Yes, us close, - have told in help hospitals 8 in Moss street. - but with date the management was not defined yet. Now we work, and that will be further, we do not know.

In the meantime the court has decided hospital to close for 90 days. The same verdict have taken out on the Lomonosovsky psychoneurological boarding school. And here activity of a psychoneurological boarding school 1 have decided to suspend for a month, but it have already promised to move in new premises in Zelenogorske and Red Village. For 30 days should close the Leningrad regional oncological clinic on the Foundry prospectus. But about it while, employees do not know.

- Whom close? Us? - Were surprised in a clinic. - is not present, to us anything such did not tell. We write down for any day, the main thing that the direction was.

In the black list the medical medical unit 144 on 35 days and Sacred Nikolay Chudotvortsa`s psychiatric hospital for 65 days has got. The Center of medical and social rehabilitation of children without parental support expects a judgement.

Some medical institutions have got off that is called, an easy fright. The court has obliged them to pay the penalty for infringement. The management of hospital of a name of Botkin will lose 20 thousand. Tubercular hospital on the prospectus of Morisa Toreza have punished on 10 thousand roubles, children`s infectious hospital 3 - on one thousand, the rehabilitation centre for invalids of a name of Albrecht - on 15 thousand.

By the way, among fire-dangerous objects not only the medical centres, but also hostels. Them on a judgement as have demanded to close. Pleases that them only two, both belong to Technological university. Cases 1 and 6, will close Zdorovtseva located in the street for 90 days.  

it is concrete

In Petersburg close six hospitals

City hospital 8, street Moss, the house 1/ 9

the Lomonosovsky psychoneurological boarding school, Krasnoflotsky highway, the house 16

the Psychoneurological boarding school 1, street Smolnogo, the house 4

the Leningrad regional oncological clinic, the Foundry prospectus, the house 37

Sacred Nikolay Chudotvortsa`s Psychiatric hospital, Sink quay, the house 124

the Medical medical unit 144, in the street Krasin, 4

In the black list the Ministries of Emergency Measures have entered two hostels of Institute of technology, in the street Zdorovtseva, 14 and 16