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The teenager hardly has not burnt apartment of parents in Tula

For the past days in the Tula area there were 6 fires one of which inhabitants liquidated independently even before arrival of firemen.   on fires two persons have suffered.   in total disturbing messages arrived on the panel of the person on duty was 30, eight of which were false.

on June, 2nd   in 13. 26 the message from Zarechensky area from street Kurkovoj has arrived. Calling have informed that on the second floor   the two-storeyed house two apartments burn at once. After fire has been extinguished was found out that the house property has suffered, but apartments and their owners are whole. The originator of incident   became 14 - the summer teenager, the son of the mistress of one of apartments. Its careless   the reference with fire   also has led to kindling.    

In 22. 46 same days inhabitants of the house on street Kalinin in Novomoskovsk have informed firemen that on 1 - the m an apartment house floor burns 3 - h room apartment. From - for casual handling of fire   - owners have hung up over vljuchennoj a gas cooker to dry things -   in   to kitchen   has burnt down a table, the floor and a ceiling were smoked.   63 - summer   the owner of apartment   with burns of 80 % of a body and more one 53 - the summer man with   a poisoning with carbonic oxide     are taken to hospital.