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nizhegorodtsu the evil spirit ordered to steal three litres of expensive whisky?

and OK the usual citizen with the salary hardly above an average prosperity was the pilferer. So is not present, 28 - the summer man has arrived nochnoju at times to shop on own Porsche Cayenne, and behind cigarettes and beer. our people in a bakery do not go by a taxi!

passing by racks with alcoholic drinks, he has seen a bottle of expensive whisky in volume of 3 litres.

- the further actions accused could not explain, asserting that it the evil spirit poputal - has told - NN the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Lenin area A.Stepanova. - it took a bottle, has hidden under a jacket, has passed through the extreme closed cash desk, left shopping centre, has put a bottle in the cart in which there was foodstuff: cream, yoghurt, vegetable oil, also has driven the cart in a direction to the car.

After that, the man has combined in a luggage carrier of the car not only the attracted bottle of whisky, but also other products lying in the cart and has left home.
Next day the accused has been detained by the police officers, the stolen products and remained to lie in a car luggage carrier.

it is necessary to add only that materials of the criminal case raised upon theft are sent in court of Lenin area.