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Smolensk motorists of a steel razuvat

It will facilitate to us work: we can faster return stolen by the victim. After all in practice it turns out that people cannot give an unambiguous answer: them it kind or not, and suspects cannot remember from what car they have removed wheels - the militiaman speaks.
employees of criminal investigation department together with traffic police left on streets for transport check. Similar operation for Smolensk in a novelty. Total control of cars has begun couple of weeks ago when tens smoljan were converted into militia with statements for theft of wheels.
cars remain on bricks. Criminals remove expensive moulding and good rubber. Militiamen have an assumption that in Smolensk one bosses not, and some groups trading in larceny.
in the beginning of this year: about twenty inhabitants of different disctricts of the city were converted to us behind the help. We have already detained three groups of criminals. These seven persons in Leninsk and Industrial disctricts of the city, in particular bossed: in streets of Kirov, Suburban, Rylenkova and Lomonosov, - the head of department of criminal investigation department of the regional Department of Internal Affairs Alexander Pochufarov has told. - Search of wheels is now on control of the regional Department of Internal Affairs .
According to employees of the traffic police, stolen where - nibud, yes appears, for example, on a car market, in any mounting or at buyers. And the chance to leave on other pilferers is.