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The girl was gone in Volgograd on the fifth month of pregnancy

23 - the summer inhabitant of settlement Angarsk has left the house almost two weeks ago - on May, 22nd.   having rung round all friends and acquaintances of the girl, the despaired parents were converted   in militia.
- yes not it could simply so to leave, after all has thrown all: the husband, two small children, the house. Especially now Tanja on the fifth month, waits for the third baby, - has told to inspectors mother of the girl.
  poterjashku have put on the wanted list but while to find the girl and it was not possible.  
- We knew that some years ago Tatyana   lived in a civil marriage   with the man, but home life was not took, and the girl   with the small child has returned to parents.   the basic version which we now fulfil - the girl has again returned to the first love. This version was put forward by Tatyana`s present roommate from whom she has run away. The guy has told that recently in a family relations and the girl   were not got on; was very much   the reserved. Probably, already then it   has conceived to leave, but other versions, why the girl   could disappear so suddenly too are checked,   - Alexander Arhipov, the head WITH on Dzerzhinsky area   has told ; SOU SKP across the Volgograd region.