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Perm the Scene - a hammer does not become McDonald`s

New     on the basis of a small scene Theatre - Theatre at last has found the name. It will be called the Scene - a hammer .

- the Name it very much raises us and pleases, and we are going to correspond to this bright, powerful name, - Bojakov has inspired.

the Idea of the name belongs to Vladimir Abashevu. The hammer always was of great importance for Perm. On the one hand is a symbol of Motor-Vilihinsky factories, with another, the city of Perm itself bore in due time a name of Hammers in honour of the Soviet politician. And a combination a scene - a hammer according to organizers, combines energy female and a machismo.

the initial repertoire of theatre became known also: it is turnips - a drama the Ambush with the Perm reference point Sjavoj in a leading role and the Russian premiere of statement under the play of Paul Prjazhko CHukchi . And more three performances now are in a discussion stage. According to the art director Scenes - a hammer Edward Bojakova, known western directors will be involved in their statement - Alida Dors (the theatrical director and the choreographer, works in Holland) and Jetse Batelan (it are going to involve for creation of children`s performance). But, despite attraction of loud names and, probably, restatement of a part of repertoire, theatre does not become theatre branch Practice (the Moscow project of Bojakova):

- We do the Perm theatre. We not open McDonald`s are absolutely independent project, - Edward explains.

reconstruction of a theatrical premise will soon begin. One of performances are going to bring for festival the Power-saw bench to Perm - 36. And the first displays on a small scene Theatre - Theatre will be since a new theatrical season - in October. Besides, in foyer will be filosofsko - intellectual club. And here about the prices for tickets in this new theatre Bojakov has told vaguely:

- In to Practice tickets stand 2500 roubles. On how much it will be possible to rise in the price - on so much and we will raise. Here around in price cafes twice more low than in Moscow. If the person has money for a dinner with the girl and a bottle of cheap wine on 2000 roubles on Friday evening he can buy a hamburger instead of a dinner and descend in theatre.