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The Volgograd businessman who has shot the racketeer has surrendered in 11 years

Incident has occurred in 1997 in Krasnoarmeysk area. Then businessman Vladimir Sinelnikov with the spouse have opened small business - it sewed fur caps, and she sold them in the market. The earned money only also sufficed on providing a family. But in the morning on second of December while the spouse traded in the market, in the house to Sinelnikov visitors have welcomed. Bratki have explained to Vladimir that the market is their territory, they now it a roof and he should pay in it for possibility easy to do the business. For the salary racketeers have promised to glance in the evening.

Punctual extortioners were again at 8 o`clock in the evening. On to an arrow about a grief - to businessmen there have arrived 10 persons.      

Leaders of group Andrey Fedjunin and Vladimir Talataev have come into the house and money began to demand. As Sinelnikov has then declared, racketeers accompanied the requirements physical violence threats over it, his wife and children. The businessman, has not wished to reconcile to an arbitrariness and has opened in unexpected visitors fire from a gun. As a result Fedjunin has received a small wound and together with other members of group has disappeared. Between remained Talataevym and Sinelnikov fight was fastened. The businessman, obviously exceeding limits of necessary defence, has put a gun butt, and also hands and feet blows on a body of Talataeva from which that has died on the spot incidents.

Having regained consciousness, the businessman has clutched at the head - if it will plant, who will feed a family. He began to think how to get rid of proofs. Sinelnikov has shipped a corpse of Talataeva in the car on which it has arrived. It has taken out a body to area of factory treatment facilities. There he has thrown out a corpse, and the car has set fire.

Despite the taken measures, Sinelnikov`s participation in perfect crimes was criminal case is established, brought and it is put on the wanted list. Action on the murder, made has been brought at excess of limits of necessary defence. Also Sinelnikov have accused of deliberate destruction of property by an arson - informs a press - service of SOU SKP the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region .

But Sinelnikov has hit in races, without waiting justice. 11 years it together with a family disappeared from law enforcement bodies in territory of the Astrakhan region. What surprise of inspectors when after so much years he has pled guilty was. It has appeared that he was tired to hide, and the family could not live in illegal position more.

Not so long ago to it have brought accusation. It is under a subscription about nevyezde. To fault in incriminated acts Vladimir Sinelnikov recognised completely and has declared the petition for consideration by criminal case court in a special order. Yesterday it is directed to Krasnoarmejsky district court of Volgograd for consideration in essence.