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Yaroslavl SHinnik has pleased fans with four goals

After Far East voyage Yaroslavl SHinnik has returned in good mood. After two guest victories with joint account 4:0 it is black - dark blue have risen on some lines of standings, and about Ivan Ljaha`s wards have again started talking as about applicants for an exit in the Prime minister - League.

But to stop on reached time was not - on a visit to SHinniku has arrived Salute - Energy from Belgorod which has settled down on the seventh line of standings. By the way, it is black - dark blue were on 4 place and advanced belgorodtsev on two points.

prior to the beginning of a duel it was known that gate of the Yaroslavl command will be protected not by Sergey Pesjakov, and its namesake Pravkin. Pesjakova have called in youth Russian national team for preparation to oborochnomu to an European championship match. It is necessary to note, as Pravkin has not pumped up. Also in structure it is black - dark blue were absent the best bombardir commands Nikita Burmistrov, which in a match with SKA - Energy has received superfluous a mustard plaster and injured Roman Monarev in which absence to fulfil duties of the captain Rikardo Yes have appointed Silvu.  

Dank weather and a small rain did not allow to commands to relax, but were more active on the first time all - taki visitors from Belgorod. In the beginning of the first game piece belgorodtsy have created two most dangerous moments when after canopies in the penal attacked at first Lanko, and then Poroshin. Fortunately for SHinnika blows were completely not exact, though positions in both cases were lethal. Nikolay Markov has rehabilitated the clubmates, having finished the solo pass by well-aimed blow - 0:1.

the Poured out tub of cold water on it is black - dark blue Has worked positively - jaroslavtsy were there and then mobilised and after a canopy performed by Maxim Buznikina newly made captain Rikardo Yes Silva a head has forwarded a ball to gate.

In the second time in collars of the Belgorod club there was not Sergey Kotov who began a meeting in a starting lineup, and Alexander Belenov. Long dry jaroslavtsy to it have not allowed to remain - in the first attack Reznikov has powerfully driven a ball under a crossbeam - 2:1! Here - that SHinnik razduhorilsja. Wards of the Pole spent attacks for all tastes, and fast forwards it is black - dark blue quite often forced down near to the Belgorod penal area. After one such infringement of Veshtitsa has perfectly well punched, but has got directly to a crossbeam.

in the Third goal jaroslavtsy have hammered already after draw angular when the young Erkin, left the first time in the basic structure, has urged Romana Surneva to cut off a ball in own gate. Has not passed also pair of minutes, as Salute has recouped - this time the attacking Vitaly Lanko has not left chances of Pravkinu - 3:2. But on bolshee belgorodtsev simply has not sufficed, moreover and the author of an autogoal Roman Surnev has been removed from a field. Visitors had to reveal, and bonded areas into which players " rushed in the field began to appear; SHinnika . In one of such attacks the ball after Yashin`s blow has got into a bar, but on pleasure Yaroslavl torside has jumped aside to Kuznetsovu who has established a total bill on a board - 4:2.

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