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Andrey Kurejchik has exchanged Love - carrots to Hollywood

a month the young and ambitious Belarus playwright lives on the bank of Pacific ocean and writes the play for the Belarus theatre.

to Hollywood he was invited by the American producer David Gamburg, but with it Andrey starts work only in June.

all the May long he with a family, wife Olga and son Gleb, enjoyed the Californian sun and ocean kinds - after all they have removed small apartments directly at ocean.

by the way, the play in Hollywood is written about the most extravagant character of the Belarus history - the representative of a sort Radzivillov Sir Kohanku. Its capital Russian tetar has reserved.

And here history with comedies Love - carrots for Andrey Kurejchika has ended. The scenario for the third part of a picture will be written by other author. Why?

is bodily my fault. From - for extreme employment I and could not offer producers a comprehensible variant of the scenario, - - the playwright admits. - I have devoted to this history almost five years of life. I have thought up these characters, they to me became native. But the weariness has, of course, collected. As soon as has thought that else two years I will be adhered to this history, hands have fallen. It would not be desirable to become history, as a script writer who exclusively worked over Love - carrots . It is time to go further .

Further, as it is known, for Kurejchika there was Hollywood. But by the autumn we wait for its house.