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From - for careless tourists in Murmansk area wood

blazed In spite of the fact that roast polar summer will not name, in woods in the south of area the fire-dangerous season gathers full force. So on Monday on border with Kareliya from a board lesopatrulnogo plane An - 2 in a quarter of the Zelenoborsky local forest area the fire on the area of 2 hectares has been found out. To a scene has gone   lesopozharnaja the car of the Kandalaksha aviabranch. On June, 2nd a fire have localised. Here a malicious joke the risen gale has played. It has inflated   an edge of almost extinguished fire. And to 10 mornings fire has extended on 10 hectares. It was necessary to involve additional people and technics.

- It is established that casual handling of citizens of fire - the thrown not extinguished fires became the reason of occurrence of forest fires, - have told in committee on a forestry of Murmansk area. - As a result of  destruction of wood plantings from fire the damage in hundred thousand roubles is caused to the state.

All information will be directed to investigating bodies which will be engaged in an establishment of persons guilty and their attraction to responsibility.