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In the Novosibirsk region birth rate level

has grown As experts of Novosibirskstata mark, in I quarter of this year on light there were 8265 kids that is more a than indicator of 2008 on 134 born.

All in 2008 in area 33056 children that almost on 3000 more than in 2007 were born. The highest general factor of birth rate in Bolotninsky, Kuibyshev, Ubinsky, Karasuksky, Kargatsky, Masljaninsky and Moshkovsky areas - more than 15 on 1000 persons.   as a whole on area the birth rate factor is equal 12,5 that above the all-Russian indicator - 12,1 on 1000 persons.

the Structure of registered births, according to supernumeraries, bears to the shift which has outlined in last years towards growth of relative density of new births of second and third children. Thus according to the previous population census in 2002 about 70 % of families informed that nurture only one child. In this connection, in the Russian Federation and in the Novosibirsk region a number of measures on social support of families with one child, single mothers in particular has been undertaken.

to carry out monitoring of a today`s demographic situation and to define directions for working out of new measures of social support of families the All-Russia population census of 2010 will help.