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Malefactors escaped from militiamen on a moped

At a two 24 - summer guys as they admitted, " later; there was suddenly a desire to sweep with a breeze . There was However, it when the Novel has got to their field of vision, the owner of a moped Delta . In the beginning guys have asked for teenager to allow to sweep. But that has felt wrong, has pulled out keys from the lock of ignition and has hidden in a pocket. An instant later strong blow in a chest has followed, and the teenager has fallen. Having taken away keys, malefactors have sat down on a moped and have disappeared. The upset Novel has gone on gasoline station where has asked workers to call militia. To the arrived guards the teenager has in detail described malefactors, and crew OVO under the direction of the sergeant of militia Vitaly Balysheva has gone on searches of suspects. In the street Sarygina militiamen have noticed a similar moped under the description and have begun prosecution. At the sight of a militian UAZ fugitives have thrown extraction and have run up every which way. One of suspects managed to be detained. The young man earlier we do not judge. He intelligibly could not explain the act. All told about to sweep with a breeze . The arrested person delivered in 2 department of militia for the further trial. Criminal case is brought, the investigation is carried on. As informs a press - service UVO at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Kemerovo region, the stolen moped Delta have already passed the owner.