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In the Petersburg underground refuse to take the torn money

is any disgrace, - Anna Sazanova is indignant. - I hurried up for work in the morning. Money from a cash dispense has not had time to remove, and in a pocket was only twenty roubles. Has stretched in the underground on Lenin`s Areas to the cashier, zhetonchik wanted to buy, and it returns one denomination to me, say, torn we do not take.

the Woman was indignant to such rules, an anguish on to ten was small. Other damages was not. However the employee of underground only a head has shaken.

- We in bank do not hand over such money, - it has in a pointed manner waved with a pack with pjatisotrublevkami and thousand. - only them take away, and ten-rouble at us on delivery. Not their all passengers want to take, and we will not glue for you.

On a reasonable question of Anna supposedly where I will glue it, the cashier has shaken shoulders.

- your problems, - it has summed up.

Other money at the girl was not, so it was necessary instead of the underground before work to reach on foot.

- it is good though was not late, - she sighs. - really in the underground special rules exist, what money to take, and what are not present?

Behind explanations it was converted into underground.

- We take all money, both coins, and banknotes, - has explained a press - the secretary of underground Julia Shavel. Is any misunderstanding. We even specially establish automatic machines for exchange at some stations that to passengers it was convenient if suddenly in cash desk there is no delivery from a large denomination. If face value is looked through, if there are no other claims, it should take. We will understand with this situation.

the Inquiry

If the denomination is polluted, worn out, torn, has attritions, small apertures, the punctures, extraneous inscriptions, prints of stamps, a stain or at it corners are torn off - it all the same saves solvency. Her are obliged to accept both in shop, and in bank, and in cash desk.

Moreover, it is possible to pay off even with a denomination made of two or more fragments of one face value which in the sum occupy not less than 55 percent from originally area.