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In Kemerovo Cynologists from all area these days will search for drugs and an explosive

have gathered in Kemerovo. In our city pass competitions among cynologists patrol - sentry duty, criminal investigation department and private security from all area. This year to participate in these competitions it is honourable doubly. On June, 21st 100 years from the date of education of film logic service in system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are executed. Winners together with the pupils will go to Ekaterinburg on competitions of the Russian level. For four days of competitions of a judiciary board it is necessary to choose the best cynologist from 24. The competition will be rigid - all employees carefully prepared the pupils for competitions. The competition program consists of several stages. At first cynologists should show level of the general course of training of the dogs. Then competitions " will begin; on a profile . Search and detection of narcotic substances, explosives, ability correctly and effectively to detain the criminal. The problem becomes complicated also that it sluzhebno - the search dog should do all, without paying attention to sounds of shots from the automatic machine. Ceremony of rewarding of winners will pass on May, 5th. On solemn closing of competition the name of the employee which will go to Ekaterinburg becomes known to struggle for a rank of the best cynologist of Russia, informs a press - service UVO at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Kemerovo region.