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In Murmansk has burnt down « Porsche Kajen »

On the night of Monday in the street Orlikovoj in Murmansk has flashed Porsche Kajen . Cost of new such foreign car from 2,5 to 5 million roubles depending on a complete set. Inhabitants of a court yard in which there was a state of emergency, have been woken about four mornings.

- Has woken up from a booming clap and the pungent smell of ashes blowing from an open window leaf, - Marina Plehanova remembers. - Has looked out in a window, there the foreign car strongly burnt. Nearby vpritirku there were some more cars. Their owners have jumped out and began to drive away a car far away from a fire.

the Message on kindling on the panel of the operative person on duty has entered 3. 50. After some minutes on street Orlikovoj of profit two calculations ognebortsev from a fire brigade 1. Brandmejstery began to fill in flaring Porsche water and foam. The fire has been extinguished in 4. 20. The foreign car has laid in ashes. In the neighbourhood the bumper and a headlight of one more car of German manufacture   was melted off; Volkswagen .

the Photo: Elena KOVALENKO

investigators Murmansk pozhnadzora are engaged in the Establishment of causes of the fire. Experts do not exclude an arson. The conclusion about incident will be ready in 10 days.