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In Average Ural Mountains from entsefalita two persons

With pincers from the season beginning have died already have met more than ten thousand inhabitants of the Sverdlovsk area, two persons have died. Andrey Jurovsky has told about it on today`s a press - conferences zamrukovoditelja Rospotrebnadzora on Sverdlovsk area.

- For June, 2nd have registered 10 733 pincers which have suffered from a sting. And every fifth of number bitten - the child is more younger 14 years. With the preliminary diagnosis kleshchevoj entsefalit in area hospitals there are 119 persons, including 27 children, - Andrey Jurovsky has added.

From a sting of artful insects   two have died   the pensioner - 71 - summer inhabitant Rezha and 72 - the summer man from Tavdy, at both was not inoculations.   Rezhevchanin has picked up the tick in a garden. The man after a sting   it was not converted behind the help to physicians. And here to the pensioner from Tavdy an antibody put, but the preparation has not helped. Now in resuscitation   Two more victims of pincers lie, for their life physicians struggle.

this year pincers show hyperactivity. Physicians warn: the dangerous situation will be saved to the middle of July. In area spend protivokleshchevuju processing of camps, sanatoria, bases of rest.