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Upon bombardment of employees of traffic police in Kabardino - Balkarii is brought criminal case

Upon bombardment of employees of traffic police in Elbrus area Kabardino - Balkarii is brought criminal case under two articles of the Criminal code - item 317 (an encroachment on life of law enforcement officers) and ch. 2 items 222 - (illegal circulation of the weapon and ammunition) the criminal code of Russian Federation, were informed by the public prosecutor of area Valery Kanukov.

the Attack has been made on Tuesday in nearby five evenings, around settlement Nejtrino on 85 - m kilometre of federal road Azau - Cool when employees of traffic police Prohladnensky ROVD by two cars went from Terskola. On turn when the second car has lowered speed, on it from an ambush has been opened shkalnyj fire from the automatic weapon, - Kanukov has told. Presumably attacking was two. Shooting was conducted from nearby wood from the automatic weapon of various calibre. Crew of the second car of traffic police, having heard shots, it was developed and has come to the rescue of colleagues. Both crews were shot, while the attacking have not disappeared in wood.

the Public prosecutor of area has noticed that the employee   militias have very operatively reacted to incident: within 15 minutes they have blocked a line and have organised prosecution of the attacking. They were assisted also by the frontier guards who have exposed the dress on roads. However attacking it was not possible to detain.

the Chief of Elbrus department of Investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation on KBR Ahmed Attoev has informed that bombardment of militiamen was conducted from two automatic machines of calibre of 5,45 mm and 7,62 mm. One employee of traffic police has got wound of the right shoulder and the left forearm, another - wound of the bottom extremities. And employee PPS - wound of the left shoulder. They have been hospitalised. Life of all three out of danger.

Under the unchecked data from sources in law enforcement bodies, employees of Prohladnensky traffic police accompanied children going on rest in Prielbruse. Militiamen have undergone to bombardment on the way back.