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In Samara will show a new film of the Hatch of Besson open-air

Yesterday, on June, 2nd, in Samara has taken place a press - the conference devoted to display of a film Home unusual ekologo - an educational orientation. This cinema - result of the creative union of two masters of modern creativity - the director of the Hatch Besson and the aerophotographer well-known all over the world Yana Artjusa Bertrana. That has turned out at two cult creators, inhabitants of many cities of a planet will shortly see. On June, 5th the film leaves in hire in 86 countries of the world. In Russia the premiere will be seen by inhabitants of only several cities: Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sochi and Samaras. In our city a film will show in the open air on the area of Glory and it is absolutely free, informs a press - service the Ministry of natural resources and preservation of the environment of the Samara region.

This film has incorporated more than 500 thousand the photos made almost in hundred countries of the world. In many of them the premiere have forbidden to display. The one and a half hour film will begin at 22:00 on the Glory area, and carrying out of the children`s action will precede it. Samartsy can see a film on the big screen in the size 4 on 6 metres.