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In Petersburg from bad houses moved guest workers

In two houses in the Neva area instead of alarm clocks the people lifted the OMON dress.

- Dokumentiki we prepare, - it was loudly carried on all floors.

Sleepy people hardly understood that occurs, and having understood tried to agree with guards. Say, excuse, the chief, but has forgotten the passport. However excuses did not operate.

The matter is that the house 6 on 1 - mu to the Rabfakovsky lane and 135 along the street Grandmother`s for a long time already are settled. Remained only a few person which have not received the warrant on other dwelling. As soon as the people have started to leave the apartments, at once their place occupied others, truth, illegally. Guest workers Here have lodged. Came the whole families. Have already adjusted a life, kiddies were born.   but the registered neighbours complained that here both addicts reside, and gangsters. For the time being anybody on it did not convert attention. While today here have not appeared suddenly pravoohraniteli.

- At me claims to   to militiamen is not present, - the local resident speaks, she is urged to huddle till now in the house. - at me the claim to zhilishchnikam when us, at last, will settle.

- Before tenants have apologised for passport system check, - have informed in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Petersburg and Leningrad region. - they have penetrated into a situation with approval.

And here guest workers of check were   are not glad. Tried to barricade. To OMON fighters even doors should be broken. Many illegal immigrants had on hands that that checks in, passports of the state! 35 persons have detained. They have on foot gone to police station Neva RUVD.