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From - for dry and hot weathers in the Irkutsk region invasion of a locust

In 7 areas of the Irkutsk region the whole flights ruthless locusts devour agricultural grounds. Wreckers already occupied 42 thousand in hectare. Experts say that insects especially actively start to harm to landings in droughty and hot weather. After all in many places of Angarski Krai of rains there was no more month, in the afternoon the thermometer shows +37 degrees. The shining sun has burnt out a grass on haymakings and pastures, here saranchovye and have attacked on grain crops even earlier, than usually. Besides, wreckers have actively bred on the thrown fields.

- Especially it is a lot of locust in Irkutsk, Usolsky, Bajandaevsky, Ehirit - Balagatsky, Kachugsky, Alarsky, Nukutsky areas, - has told «» the assistant to branch FGU « Rosselhoztsentr » across the Irkutsk region Vladimir Vernitsky. - We every day monitorim conditions. A situation difficult, close to the critical. In Irkutsk area we already declared a mode of the raised readiness - here the locust has extended on 10,5 thousand in hectare. At any moment can declare mode CHS. But we take all measures that it has not occurred.

According to Vladimir Vernitsky, special chemicals against a locust have processed only 7,7 thousand in hectare of long-term grasses and grain crops for means of private enterprises. Farmers destroy wreckers on the special technics.

- In the Ministry of Agriculture create a stock of means to buy insektitsidy - from them a locust perishes, - Vladimir Sergeevich adds. - Money should allocate till July, 1st. Mayors of municipal unions too know about a problem. Now the grain are devoured with a locust who is called krestovaja, temnokrylaja kobylka and belopolosaja, Siberian kobylka.

Average number - nearby 20, and places to 160 copies on 1 2. Enviable appetite differ both larvae, and adult insects - they eat leaves, and the plant perishes.  

In the near future, experts hope, the most part of fields will process.