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Eight persons became victims of a storm, 120 Eight persons have suffered

were lost, 120 have got wounds as a result of the whole gale which has occurred on Saturday evening in the East Chinese province Anhui.

Around accident winds force to 29 metres per second raged. The air stream with a root pulled out trees, under its pressure houses fell. The direct economic damage from natural accident is not counted up yet.

It already the second powerful storm in region from the beginning of month. In the first of June from - for strong winds in the next province Henan were lost more than 20 persons, have to some extent suffered to 4 million local residents.

the Central authorities have sent working group to which should develop the plan of a recovery work to accident area.

From - for shortages of experts - meteorologists in China the local service of the notification about possibility of plentiful deposits and strong winds is developed insufficiently well, passes RIA News referring to agency Sinhua.

every year the government spends to 4 billion yuans (588 million dollars) for meteorological researches. A problem not in money, and in absence of professionals - has noted zamglavy meteomanagements of the Peoples Republic of China Sjuj Sjaofen.

Moreover, many qualified personnel leaves meteorological services, therefore we should stake on students - the expert has told.

to solve a problem, China the next three years intends to train one million weather forecasters that those could give the exact information on weather in each region of the country.