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The president of Pakistan hopes that its country will enter in SHOS

the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari who as the observer will take part in opening on Monday in Ekaterinburg the summit of the Shanghai Organization of Cooperation (SHOS), counts on the introduction of the country in SHOS, informs RIA News .

Pakistan attaches great value to the joining to SHOS. We consider that this organisation is an important platform in sense of strengthening of trust, regional security and assistance to economic cooperation. We would like to participate to the full in programs and actions SHOS, and also to play a corresponding role, to promote realisation of its purposes and problems - Zardari in interview to the newspaper " has told; Kommersant .

Speaking about bilateral cooperation of Pakistan with Russia, the president has noticed that the Pakistan government sincerely and is deeply attached to opening of new chapter of mutually advantageous cooperation in relations with the Russian Federation. there are huge possibilities for development of our communications in economy and trade sphere, especially in such areas, as communication, power, an infrastructure and technologies. In this context I with impatience expect a meeting with president Medvedev - tells Zardari.

the situation round the North Korea which has become aggravated after carrying out by this country on May, 25th tests of the nuclear device by capacity to 20 kilotons becomes One of subjects of forthcoming summit SHOS.

Pakistan supports efforts on strengthening of the world and stability on the Korean peninsula and on its preservation free from the nuclear weapon. We for the peace permission of present crisis, including through renewal of six-sided negotiations. Pakistan completely supports the purposes of global non-distribution. All states should respect a global mode of non-distribution - Zardari has told.

answering a question as Pakistan concerns the decision of a so-called Iranian nuclear problem power methods, the Pakistan president has noticed that Islamabad is consecutive in the opposition to use of force for the decision of this question as it can destabilise even more and without that astable region. we support peaceful settlement on the basis of a recognition of the rights and obligations of Iran on DNJAO - has noted Zardari.