Rus News Journal

The Perm militiamen have detained the recidivist from Ekaterinburg

Inspectors of traffic police the car   Toyota RAV 4 have stopped on a highway Perm -   Ekaterinburg on June, 12th, about two o`clock in the afternoon for excess of speed. The driver of an off-road car has declared that documents on the car and proving the identity at themselves at it are not present.

- We have asked the driver to drive to the nearest point of traffic police Lobanovo to establish its person - militiamen speak. - to Resist it did not become, has gone for us. But as soon as we have reached fast and have stopped, the man has blocked all doors and has refused to go out of doors. And then and at all has sharply pressed gas and has jerked towards Perm on huge speed.

the Patrol car has rushed off for the infringer. On requirements   militiamen to stop, the man   did not react. Even attempts to cut   the reckless driver appeared unsuccessful. In the answer it rammed patrol cars and rushed further.

the Pursuit on a federal highway   proceeded about a half an hour, and then the foreign car has moved down on a country road. Here militiamen have decided to use the weapon - 16 shots from a pistol of Makarova have sounded. The car on the lowered wheels has risen   - only after that it was possible to put on handcuffs the swell and to deliver it in militia department.

the Person of the arrested person have established quickly is was 44 - summer     the inhabitant of Sverdlovsk area. Was in federal search   for fulfilment of grave crimes.

In department of militia he has suddenly started talking.

- the Woman I in Ekaterinburg have banged, - he has declared, - and its car has stolen. The address write down

the Ekaterinburg field investigators the information have confirmed. Really in the street Deputy, 101 the corpse of the woman with suffocation traces has been found out.  

Now the arrested person is arrested and gives evidences.