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In Chelyabinsk dolls learn to do pregnant mums - oberegi

to Revive old tradition - manufacturing of a rag doll - have solved in to Clinic of reproductive medicine and shops pochemuchka .

- When - that dolls had set of senses: were oberegom, the executor of desires, helped with female affairs, - organizers tell. - the doll lay in a cradle at the baby, preserving it against bad forces, was present on wedding, was given by the mother-in-law to the son-in-law,   helped to grow up a good harvest, helped a safe current of pregnancy...

it is natural, all dolls - stolbushki, pelenashki, zakrutki, zernovki - became the hands.

Make obereg for a bed of the baby everyone can cheljabinka that waits for the child. For this purpose it is necessary to come in Clinic of reproductive medicine or shop of a developing toy pochemuchka . On the master - classes invite and doshkoljat, schoolboys suffering affliction from idleness, parents with kids. All employment absolutely free. It is not necessary even to bring the materials.


Where pass employment

1. Clinic of reproductive medicine   Chelyabinsk, street Soviet, 38 (3 a floor). Employment pass on Sundays. It is necessary to call on bodies future: 233 - 38 - 33 to register.

2. pochemuchka street Soviet, 67, Employment on Saturdays, with 13. 00 - 15. 00.

3. pochemuchka street Molodogvardejtsev, 31. Employment on Saturdays with 15. 00 - 17. 00