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TV channel 22 any more extremist

Basmanny Court of Moscow has removed from TV channel 22 charge in distribution of extremist materials, having cancelled put forward in last year Office of Public Prosecutor the prevention.

we Will remind, TV channel 22 suffers affliction from - for displays of a popular American cartoon serial South park . The next problems were called by a series Christmas songs from Mr. Govnjashki . The Russian protenstants have beheld in it extremism and humiliation of honour and worthiness   christians and Moslems. In their opinion, this animated cartoon   can provoke the international conflict.

In March, 2008 of the head of Protestant churches of Russia have directed to the State Office of Public Prosecutor and Rossvjazkomnadzor the reference with the requirement to close the channel.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation under their complaint has brought representation to Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of communication and mass communications and has accused   Broadcasting company 2x2 which production, according to results of check of 12 cartoon serials, propagandises violence, cruelty and a pornography in infringements of the rights of children.

In September Basmannaja the Office of Public Prosecutor has found out in a cartoon film South park signs of extremism also has taken out to the channel the prevention.

We are glad to a judgement. Having received well absolutely unreasonable charges in extremism, we have translated this question in a legal plane and have won - quotes words of the general director of TV channel of the Novel of Sarkisov   the newspaper the Businessman .

But also protenstants are not going to recede and intend to continue struggle with extremist TV channel and harmful a cartoon film.

We do not intend to surrender and have directed in the area of Office of Public Prosecutor additional materials about cartoon films on 22 . Moreover, the scientific research institute of psychiatry of a name Serbian examines under our request. We will achieve that activity not only 22 but also all channels propagandising violence and pedophilia, it will be fairly stopped - Konstantin Bendas has declared to journalists upravdelami the Union of christians of belief gospel.

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