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Predators have taken away from the journalist a bag with phone Vertu and have left on its off-road car

Militia searches for unknown persons who on Monday after midnight in the north of Moscow have attacked the journalist of one of capital editions and have selected at it the car Rendzh a Rover Sports has informed RIA News a source in capital law enforcement bodies.

as he said, two unknown persons of the Caucasian appearance at the house 31 in parkway of the Sailor of Iron ore have pulled out a bag in which there was gold watch, a mobile phone " at the girl; Vertu 10 thousand roubles and documents then have landed it and by the car have disappeared. The damage, according to the source, has made 3 million roubles.

predators have trapped the journalist when she parked the off-road car and, threatening with words, have selected at it keys from a foreign car and have disappeared on it. Searches of criminals while have not given results - the interlocutor of agency has told.

According to field investigators, the expensive off-road car has been stolen under the order. Most likely, criminals watched the girl and chose the right time for an attack, the source has told.