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During week-end in Volgograd trees

In the Soviet area the fallen four-metre tree fell blocked an exit from a sauna along the street Electrolesovsky. It has fallen directly to electricity cables and a gas pipe. The rescuers who have arrived into place have called to the place of state of emergency gazovikov and an emergency brigade of electric systems. Experts have disconnected communications, and then have sawn a tree with the help benzopily and have cleaned it from sidewalk. One more tree should be cleaned a bit later in the same Soviet area. It also has fallen to electricity cables along the street Alekseevsky. The trunk has partitioned off road to tenants of one of entrances. And along the street Brest in Krasnoarmeysk area the tree trunk has broken off almost in the middle at level of the second floor and leant against another nearby a standing tree and a fire-escape. Cut it accident-prone persons by means of an autoladder could only.

And here in the city centre under Lenin`s prospectus, 22 attentive tenants have noticed that from a roof the huge sheet of iron which here - here will fall hangs down. They have called rescuers who operatively have eliminated it, - the municipal service of rescue informs .