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In the Kemerovo higher military command school of communication has taken place anniversary final

Yesterday in Kemerovo on the area of Advice congratulated 271 graduates of the Kemerovo higher military command school of communication with the high school termination. Anniversary 55 - j release of signal officers became the last in the history of command school in Kemerovo. From next academic year within the limits of the federal program of reforming of military education the military high school of Kuzbas becomes structural division Sankt - the Petersburg military academy of communication on which base it is created large uchebno - centre of science, and cadets 3, 4, 5 - go courses will continue the further training in branch of this academy   - Novocherkassk the higher military command school of communication. The Kemerovo higher military command school of communication always was a smithy of the present officers both in military, and in a peace time. Among graduates of last years, and all them was more than 30 thousand - both visible captains of the host, and outstanding scientists, and statesmen. 25 former cadets of a steel   generals. Seventeen persons from this release have received diplomas with difference . All of them, and also their parents, have received regional awards and monetary awards. Among honours pupils of study - Alexander Hlopunov - the representative of the big officer dynasty of Hlopunovyh. The general experience of service in armed forces of Russia - 114 years. And, seven members of this unique family - graduates of our command school of communication. Among those who receives this year the diploma about the termination of military institute - 22 were cadets of the Kemerovo military school of radio electronics. Also among graduates - 88 professional soldiers. All of them have finished training on ten-monthly courses of younger officers, informs a press - service AKO.