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In the City Day in Kemerovo of seven pairs have visited the Red hill

on June, 12th, in the City Day, in historical city centre Kemerovo, memorial estate the Red Hill solemn check in of matrimony of seven young pairs kemerovchan has taken place. In a historical private residence on the Red Hill in the All-Russia year of youth history of the family there have begun Vadim and Elena Dvurechensky, Evgenie and Ekaterina Kovalevy, Evgenie and Olga Stepanovy, the Novel and Valentina Moor, Andrey and Elena Kiselevy, Dmitry and Victoria Krasilnikovy, Anatoly and Anastas Sohrannye. A newly-married couple, following a legend of a reserved place on the bank of Tom` about execution thought, Barbarians have touched a shoe of a sculpture Sacred, have assigned to the keeper of miner`s and military work a lampad, zateplennuju from a fireplace - an ancient symbol of the family centre. In memory of the first family celebration in family albums there were the photos made in interiors and in territory of a museum of city history, and the significant fact of creation of a new family in Kemerovo is forever embodied now in the archival book of a museum the Red Hill . Employees of a museum are assured that in due course will appear Family club kemerovchan with the traditions and the high social status. The developing tradition will unite different age and generations, and on the Red Hill will spend ceremony of three weddings: check in, silver and gold informs a press - service AKO.