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Works of Swedish artist Konni Bloma have frightened inhabitants of Erebru

the Works of artist Konni Bloma exposed open-air in the Swedish city of Erebru, have frightened local residents, informs AFP.

Within the limits of festival of the modern art passing in Erebru, on city streets 15 installations of Bloma representing tied up izoljatsionnoj by a tape bunches of carrots to which have been attached wires and hours have been placed.

However inhabitants of Erebru have not understood a plan of the artist, and in police messages on the put bombs have arrived. Representatives of law enforcement bodies have disposed to clean all installations of Bloma from city streets.

the Police does not exclude possibility of that against the artist and organizers of an exhibition of its works - Art - galleries Erebro - can be brought charges in public order infringement.

On an official site of Konni Bloma it is informed that the installations which have frightened inhabitants of Erebru, are a part the Project of the Rabbit ( Bunny Project ), begun by the artist in 2004. The bunches of carrots simulating explosives, the artist, in particular, placed in the centre of Berlin in buildings Sony Center and Daimler Chrysler, informs information portal NovoNews lv.