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In Egypt seven terrorists from " are detained; Al - Kaidy

Employees of a safety force of Egypt have detained seven terrorists who suspect of participation in the international terrorist network Al - Kaida .

It is two citizens of Egypt, two Palestinians, the citizen of Great Britain of the Egyptian origin, the Tunisian with the Belgian citizenship and the Frenchwoman with the Albanian roots. At a search the explosive is withdrawn from them. According to the investigation, these people have arranged explosions on a market in Cairo in February, declares the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt.

Arrested persons were members of a terrorist cell the Palestinian Islamic army . Two leaders of a cell managed to disappear abroad, both leaders are citizens of Egypt, passes RIA News .

we Will remind, in the evening on February, 22nd in Cairo area the Ale - Hussein where often there are tourists, at an input on the well-known east market the Khan an ale - Halili has worked an explosive filled with pieces of metal and nails.

24 persons Have suffered: 17 Frenchmen, one citizen of Germany, three citizens of Saudi Arabia and three Egyptians. The girl from France was lost.