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In the Nizhniy Novgorod region in 1,7 times the number of attacks of pincers has increased by children

In comparison with the last week number of cases prisasyvanija pincers has increased in 1,4 times. In this connection, management of Rospotrebnadzora across the Nizhniy Novgorod region advises to observe rules of individual defence from an attack of pincers.

Since April, 1st, 2011 behind medical aid with prisasyvaniem pincers as a whole across the Nizhniy Novgorod region 4482 persons were converted. It on 6,8 % more than for the similar period of last year.

- In comparison with the last week the number of cases prisasyvanija pincers at children has increased in 1,7 times, - informs a press - service Rospotrenadzora across the Nizhniy Novgorod region. - are registered 1 case kleshchevogo virus entsefalita at the inhabitant of Sormovsky area and 11 cases of disease iksodovym kleshchevym borreliozom   at inhabitants Bottom and areas.

At abiding in wood, on garden and garden sites, in city park zones it is necessary to observe rules of individual defence from an attack of pincers.

- to wear special clothes. In the absence of that - to wear monophonic and light clothes; trousers to fill in boots, golfs or socks with a dense elastic band, the top part of clothes - in trousers; cuffs of sleeves should adjoin to a hand densely; the collar of a shirt and trousers should not have a fastener or have a dense fastener under which the tick cannot creep; a head to put on an almuce sewn to a shirt, a jacket, or to fill hair under a kerchief, a cap.

- to Spend itself - and vzaimoosmotry everyone 10 - 15 minutes for detection of pincers.

- not to sit down and not to lay down on a grass.

- Parking and spending the night in wood to arrange on the sites deprived of grassy vegetation, or in dry pine woods on sandy soils.

- After returning from wood or before spending the night to take off clothes, carefully to examine a body and clothes.

- not to bring in a premise svezhesorvannye a plant, outer clothing and other subjects on which there can be pincers; to examine dogs and other animals. -       to apply special chemical means of individual defence from pincers.

the INQUIRY «»

Nadednym and a long-term method of protection from kleshchevogo entsefalita are preventive inoculations. At the moment in Russia   four vaccines - two domestic, a German vaccine " are accessible; Entsepur   and Austrian FSME .   the Scheme of vaccination for two last consists of 3 doses which are entered under the scheme 0 - 1 (3) - 9 (12) months; revaktsinatsija it is spent in 3 years. Vaccination is spent in the centres   vaccinal prevention on a paid basis. Vaccination cost it is considerable below cost kleshchevogo an antibody which is necessary for entering into an organism not later 4 - h days from the moment of a sting of the tick (in case the tick is infected).

kleshchevym entsefalitom the persons which activity is connected with abiding in wood are subject to the Greatest risk of infection. Last years prevalence of the diseased among townspeople is marked. Infection of the person kleshchevym virus entsefalitom occurs through a sting of the infected tick. Pincers pass a great bulk of activators together with the first portion of an anaesthetising saliva. Infection kleshchevym virus entsefalitom is possible and at razdavlivanii the tick in the course of its removal from animals or a body of the person with the subsequent entering of a virus.

In a case prisasyvanija the tick it is necessary to be converted behind medical aid into hospital. Research of the tick in a direction is spent free of charge.