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Heir Jarantseva on fast of mayor Teriberki have accused of bribery

does not carry Teriberke on mayors. Hardly there is more than half a year back with scandal have got rid in Valery Jarantseva`s holiday. the Former captain of an infamous trawler elektron have accused of excess of powers of office. He has concluded the contract with one firm on boiler-house repair, without spending the municipal auctions. Jarantsev explained the act haste supposedly it was necessary to have time to put a boiler-house in order prior to the beginning of a cold season. On a judgement the former captain has been discharged of a post of mayor Teriberki.

Now its heir has received attention of law enforcement bodies. Inspectors do not advertise his name, but on a site of the regional government is specified that administration Teriberki is headed by Sergey Vladimirovich Titus.

  - To the official one of local businessmen was converted, - Boris Grachev, a deputy head of investigatory department on the Kola area of investigatory management SK tells the Russian Federation on Murmansk area. - the businessman wanted to get an ownerless building of the former Rest house of seamen to open there hostel for divers.

That it to make, fulfilling duties of the mayor should direct to registration service documents on acquisition of a building by administration. Then to estimate object and only then to sell it. For performance of all this procedure the official has asked from the businessman a bribe in 1 million 50 thousand roubles

- the Bribe it took stage by stage, - Boris Grachev continues. - it have caught red-handed at reception of 50 thousand roubles. The official denies the fault. Says that asked from the businessman money on credit on the inexpensive car. Now and. The island of the mayor is under a subscription about nevyezde. Inspectors were converted to court with the petition for its time discharge from a post.