Rus News Journal

In the Ekaterinburg brothel minor girls worked for 2000 roubles at an o`clock

One of these days police officers of customs have covered house intim - salon in which two minor girls worked. To both from them for 18 years it will be executed literally one of these days, but the early age has not prevented them to sell love for money.

Prostitutes worked in the same place where lived -   on demountable apartment of one of houses along the street Shejnkmana. One of « moths » it has appeared the student, and here the second anywhere did not study,   it has arrived from Tyumen, having left there on care of the grandmother of the seven-mouth child.

-   the Girl has informed that has arrived to Ekaterinburg to earn money prostitution, - have told in a press - the centre of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg.

The services young putany advertised on the Internet, taking from each client on two thousand roubles in an hour.

In the second brothel which have closed the same days, two sisters 20 - ti and 18 - worked years. Thus that their apartment was littered and   on a floor the linen and the used condoms rolled dirty, prostitutes regularly conducted accounts department. In a checkered writing-book they wrote down the sums received from each client.

Sisters   have told to field investigators that parents know about their business and   concern to   to employment of daughters   with understanding, after all for a week everyone   from them   earns on 16 thousand.