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Delphinarium building in Novosibirsk, probably, will begin this year

the Novosibirsk delphinarium about which there are conversations here some years, will begin   to build. The director of the Novosibirsk zoo – Rostislav Sewed has told that it will be a private property   in territory of zoological park. The place for a delphinarium is already defined.

- Through 10 - 15 days   it will be known, when delphinarium building will begin, - has told «»   Rostislav Sewed. - It is necessary to sign the investment contract.   in a delphinarium it will be enclosed 500 million roubles of the private investor. At me such money   no. It will be a private property in zoo territory. And to visitors   what difference whose this property,   after all they will come to look at dolphins. It is a charm, what clever and beautiful animals.

Except a delphinarium, in zoo territory building of winter pavilion for small monkeys will begin.  

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