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The average price for gasoline in Petersburg has again spread upwards

the Head ashes to motorists while to strew early. The price for gasoline has grown, but has grown slightly. Though, as they say, take care of the pence, the pounds will take care of themselves. For Ai - 92 it is necessary to lay out for twenty copecks more if earlier the litre of this gasoline could be bought for 25 roubles now the average price list has stolen up to 25,20 roubles. Ai has risen in price for the same twenty - 95 also, having fixed on a mark in 28 one rubles. Continues to add in « weight » elite Ai - 98, was time when together with Ai - 95 they and at all were scarce on Petersburg refuellings.

Has carried what machines are ready to drive on And - 80. Whether from - for low demand, whether from - that remains to fuel « to exist » till September, 2nd, rises in price And - 80 all on pair copecks. And here to owners of diesel motors on a broader scale to worry there is nothing, the diesel engine has stood on a place and the average price in 25,90 keeps some weeks.

the Rise in price, a tendency not on all refuellings. It only average temperature on a city. Motorists assure that the price list at some stations did not correspond since March.

- Now the prices for fuel were just stabilised, - has explained « the president of the Petersburg oil club Oleg Ashihmin. – those refuellings where litre cost was were tightened is artificial is underestimated. And it was reflected in average indexes. On those the gas station where the price did not reduce, rises in price are not present. Moreover, wholesale prices and already some time were stabilised stand on one mark.


the Unprecedented discount

In unsuccessful Belarus where the people groan from crisis and low salaries the price for gasoline in comparison with Russia is very tempting. In March litre of Ai most popular in drivers - 95 it was possible to buy all for nineteen roubles. In the first days of a default the price list has jumped up at once to 32 roubles, but the government has there and then taken regulation in hand and today the fuel litre is on sale on 25 roubles. Anyway, aloud is cheaper, than in Petersburg.

- in Belarus we do not watch a situation, - Oleg Ashihmin speaks. – But, as assure neftepererabotchiki, at us the prices adequate and develop from world behind a minus of the export duty and transportation costs.


Kulibiny do not doze

Many drivers are ready unless I do not smother to sell, if only to cut expenses on one trip. On car markets now domination elite « Infiniti » with fantastic - huge fuel consumption. People refuse gluttonous cars in favour of economic « maljavok ». And the best minds puzzle over how still to save. However, come across among the present scientists and the present swindlers.

In the beginning to drivers it is frank vparivali reklamki which promised to lower the expense of gasoline on thirty percent. Someone was bought on the offer and even called by specified phones. The lovely girl on that end of a wire told about a miracle - system for six thousand one rubles thanks to which fuel it will be spent much less. However, guarantees that so it also will be, the firm why - that did not give, unless the word of honour.

And one of these days blogery have noticed the elderly man on a parking of one of large building shops. It went from the car to the car and offered technology of full combustion of fuel.

- At it and papers are, - tells mengele_kun . – I have explained to it that five years studied, and too I am able to deceive for money of the near, but is not so frank. But the man so has convincingly responded, what now I think, and suddenly indeed someone now for modest kopeck enjoys absolute combustion of fuel?

it is concrete

As cost of litre of Ai - 95 for a year

June 2010 &ndash changed; 25. 00

July 2010 – 25. 50

August 2010 – 25. 90

September 2010 – 26. 00

October 2010 – 27. 20

November 2010 – 27. 35

December 2010 – 27. 30

January 2011 – 27. 50

February 2011 – 28. 90

March 2011 – 28. 60

April 2011 – 27. 90

May 2011 – 27. 40

June 2011 – 28. 00