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Fathers Frost have plundered a pawnshop in Novosibirsk

In Novosibirsk simply any Prenew Year`s fashion at criminals. Last year the swindler in Father Frost suit tried to plunder a hypermarket, and in it – already whole gang of fantastic grandfathers suited a touch on a pawnshop in Kalininsky area. The criminal Trinity in suits has flown in a pawnshop, has laid the security guard on a floor and has started to put in a bag from show-windows gold ornaments.

- They have taken out 160 jewelry – rings, kulony, chains - total cost more than 5 million roubles, the exact damage is established - have told « » in a press - service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

As it became known « » armed assault on a pawnshop which Bogdana Khmelnitskiy is in the street, has occurred yesterday in 17. 15. Three young men in suits have come into a premise, armed with the hunting carbine. Presumably « Sajgoj ». They have made four shots in air, then   have started to collect with jewelry shelves. On all about all has left hardly less minutes. Only when robbers left a pawnshop, there have pressed the disturbing button. Without delay criminals and did not manage to be caught.

- criminal case under article " is brought; the robbery made by a group of persons with a use of weapons - add in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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