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The Latvian weather forecaster asserts that frosts will come in the country only in the end of January

the Head of department of forecasts of the Latvian centre of environment, geology and meteorology Andris Viksna asserts that frosts will come in the Baltic country only in the end of January, and the summer next year will be roast - almost as in tropics.

in Latvia all become shorter than Winter, and at the expense of it the mid-annual temperature of air raises, Andris Viksna marks.

« the Winter in Latvia in classical understanding will come more close by February when strong frosts &ndash are possible; to - 20 degrees » — the weather forecaster has added.

As he said, the summer next year can be very hot, almost as tropics, and with frequent downpours and thunder-storms.

« I do not recommend to people to take vacation in June because it is very deceptive month. In the beginning of June the north brings a cold to Latvia, and there can be even frosts. The most suitable months – July - August. Even the beginning of September can be warm enough » — Viksna has told, informs « Telegraph » referring to newspaper Latvijas Av and #299; ze.