Rus News Journal

In Kirov knifing

in the Evening on December, 24th on Young Guards the fellow has begun has started to swing a knife. Eyewitnesses were converted into a call centre. On a scene the operative person on duty has directed group of immediate reaction. OMON fighters have detained arranged knifing and its friend and delivered in police department 2.

During trial policemen have established business details. As informs a press - service UMVD of the Russian Federation across the Kirov region, 16 - summer Cyril, the pupil of high school, and 20 - the summer Novel, working one of the Kirov cafes, left a bar. At this time by there passed the company of young men   - guys and girls. - it seemed to me that they something insulting have shouted in my address, - has told the Novel. - then I have caught up with them, have got a knife, have struck one of guys on a neck, the second - on a hand.

Victims to avoid knifing continuation, have run in a bar. Catching up with them, the Novel has still put two stabs in the back to the casual passer-by who has appeared near to an input in pub.

Concerning the Novel in days on duty criminal case under article « has been brought; hooliganism ». Its friend   - Cyril   - passes on business by the witness.

But as it was found out during the further work, it was not the beginning, and the end « adventures » friends.

in the Afternoon before, on December, 23rd about 23 hours per police department 1 city UMVD the message that from a crossroads of street Trade-union and the October prospectus « has arrived; first aid » delivered in regional travmbolnitsu with getting koloto - rezanym wound of the lumbar area, the closed crisis of a parietal bone and the basis of the arch of a skull 17 - the summer student of one of the Kirov educational institutions.

Alexey (victim) with two friends went along the street, towards to them three acquaintances have got. Earlier they already fought among themselves. Understanding that the conflict not to avoid and this time, Alexey`s friends have taken to the heels, it too. Two from a Trinity of enemies have caught up with Alexey, one of them has started to strike to it blows by a bat which as it has explained to policemen later, carried with itself under a jacket. And the second has struck in a back a knife. Then from a scene have disappeared.

As it has been established by policemen during carrying out operatively - the investigatory actions, those two were 16 - summer Cyril with a knife which to it was passed by the friend, and 20 - the summer Novel which in this case was with a bat.

Both are detained now, give grateful evidences in commission of crime. The inspector to them brings accusation in fulfilment of deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health, made by a group of persons. The question on the conclusion both under guards is solved.