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In the Bryansk region the schoolboy has failed under ice and has sunk in the face of mother

In Surazhe the Bryansk region has failed under ice and has sunk 13 - the summer schoolboy. A body of the boy have caught from water only next day. About it on December, 27th to the correspondent « » have told in GIMS the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Bryansk region.

the Tragedy has occurred on Sunday, on December, 25th.

- 13 - summer Denis G walked with the friend on ice on the river Iput near to the road bridge through the river Iput, - have told in GIMS. – In hands it had a ski stick which it checked a thickness of an ice crust. During any moment ice was sustained also by the seventh-grader has steeped under water.

About that, what`s happened further, has told « » the senior state inspector surazhskogo inspection site GIMS the Ministry of Emergency Measures   Vladimir Gruntovsky.

- To coast was about three and a half metres, - the senior state inspector surazhskogo inspection site GIMNS has told to us the Ministry of Emergency Measures Vladimir Gruntovsky. – On shouts of the sinking boy people have run together. Its friend very much was frightened for a companion and has run in shop where Denis`s mum, it absolutely nearby &hellip works;     the Schoolboy floundered in ice water of minutes ten, but anybody has not tried to help it at all.   probably, people simply were afraid to approach – the river - that was not chilled almost. Someone has called rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures,   there has arrived fire service. However was already late – the boy has sunk literally in the face of the mum who has had time to come running to a tragedy place. Klintsovsky divers have got a body of the boy only next day.  

On Tuesday, on December, 27th, Denis have buried. To say goodbye to the boy teachers, schoolmates have come.  

- We cannot believe till now in happened, - have told to us in surazhskoj to school 2 where the boy studied. – how much time we repeated to our pupils that on ice to go dangerously ….  

All circumstances of tragedy, speak in police, are now found out.

How to behave on ice

- Safe for the person it is considered ice tolshchinoju not less than 15 centimetres. The strongest ice - blue colour. Durability white - twice more low. It is matte - white with a yellowish shade - unreliable, can burst at any moment.   to break.

- If you see that the person has failed under ice, shout to it that go to the aid. It will calm and will give forces got to a misfortune.

- Rescuing the person, carefully on all fours move ahead in a direction to an ice-hole. It is good, if you have near at hand a rope which you can stretch to the victim. The jacket, branch and any other make-shift will approach also.  

- If near sinking there will be at once some persons, is better to lay down on ice a chain and, keeping for feet each other, to try to pull out it.

- If you have failed in ice water, try not to do sharp movements. If ice round an ice-hole fragile, do not try to get on it. In this case break ice fists and move ahead to coast.

- When you will get out on ice, do not rise to the feet, and, being rolled, creep from an ice-hole to coast. It is necessary to change clothes as soon as possible in dry clothes and to drink hot tea.