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The pedophile detained by Murmansk schoolboys, has received 17 years

this week in regional court have pronounced a sentence to that pedophile whom in May two ninth-graders from 21 - j have detained schools. The geek recognised as guilty of fulfilment of dissolute actions concerning the child, and also in attempt at rape.

we Will remind , in May of this year the man was on a visit where drank together with friends alcoholic drinks. Remained alone with 11 - the summer daughter of the acquaintances, it has made concerning it dissolute actions. Thus parents of the babe were in other room and have noticed nothing.

the same evening the man has seen the girl at a house entrance that is located on Heroes Fishing. It began to stick to the schoolgirl, has struck it on the person and wanted to rape, but has had time to take off trousers only. Fortunately little girls, during this moment in an entrance there was one more schoolgirl. Having seen an event, it has run out in a court yard with calls for help! To call have responded Mark Kozlov and Anatoly Mozolev which have detained the man. After short fight the suspect have passed employees patrol - sentry duty .

earlier detained already was we judge for sexual crimes, therefore for it has received 17 years of imprisonment, with punishment serving in a particular treatment colony.

And to Mark Kozlovu as to the caused most a stir in fight with the pedophile, inspectors have presented a bicycle.